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This December many children will write a list of what they want for Christmas. Many children will enjoy fun holiday activities with family and friends. Yet, how many children can express the true meaning of Christmas? How many know it is a time of celebrating the birth of Christ?

Help reach the children in your community through a “CPC” this Christmas season. Join us for training and receive your free Christmas Party Club kit when you agree to teach at least two Christmas Party Clubs at your church, home or community center.


Christmas Across America 

During the Christmas season, adults and children alike enjoy a good Christmas party, and Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) has developed an extraordinary program called Christmas Across America, a fun, evangelistic and innovative event for kids! Christmas Across America is a national effort that provides the means to celebrate one of the most amazing events in all of history—the birth of Jesus! Christmas Across America is a push within CEF to hold Christmas parties in community locations where the Gospel can be shared with children and children and families alike can hear the true message of Christmas.

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