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Training & Teacher Resources

You know about our ministry to children, but did you also know that CEF trains thousands of people every year?
In 2022, CEF trained 439,423 teachers how to effectively teach children about Jesus. That’s 40% more than the previous year!

It’s a very important statistic since whenever one teacher is trained, it doesn’t just add to the number of children who hear the Gospel — it MULTIPLIES that number exponentially!


Training is a year-round activity and we want to partner with you to equip more individuals!

CEF offers training and resources to equip children's workers with the tools needed to teach children effectively in the knowledge of the Bible and specifically the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Contact us to schedule customized training for you or your church.  We have a variety of resources and training available. Let us help equip you and empower you to confidently share the Good News with your students.


Here are some of the training opportunities we offer:

Children's Ministry Conference

Teacher Training Seminar

Good News Club Quick Start

Church Events or Programs

Party Clubs

Children's Ministry Institute

  and more...

Examples of a few courses:

Why Evangelize Children

Guiding Children to the Savior

Managed Fun!

Teaching Bible Verses and Songs

Teaching CEF® Curriculum

Understanding Today's Child

Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 & 2

Leadership Essentials

Ministry to Generation Z

Instructor of Teachers Level 1 & 2

Ministry Leadership


CEF Press Online Store

Find resources both digital and printed at CEF Press. Resources include tools for evangelism, discipleship, curriculum, music, holiday focus items, and more.

Sunday School Solutions

Wonder Devotional Books

Free Lesson Demos

Demonstration DVDs (

Courses – Children's Ministries Institute (

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