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CEF® Party Club™

Children love to be invited to parties. Even more, they love to bring their friends to parties. Games, treats, activities … CEF Party Club incorporates all this fun! These one-time outreach events are usually based around holidays and special occasions like Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Back-To-School, etc. But what makes a CEF Party Club unique is the presentation of a clear Gospel message wrapped in a theme-based story or lesson.

Party Club is a perfect way to invite kids in your community to a party!


A Day to Remember
God Keeps His Promise
Joy to the World
CPC - Christmas Party Club
Light of Life
The Backwards Birthday Bash

Shawn's Search for Love
The Greatest Valentine

Jesus Gives Life and Hope
Always True Treasure Hunt
The King's Crown

The Secret of the Watermelon
The Ice Cream Message
The Thank You Spy

Space themed - Blast Off
Dinosaur themed - Dino Tracks
Peanut themed - Discover with God

When you couple these parties with a parent activity like:

  • Christmas shopping while your kids enjoy a party.

  • Christmas package wrapping when parents return from shopping.

  • Valentines date night for parents.

  • Easter & summer picnic/bbq for parents.

  • Other themed activities to serve back to school distributions and fall festivals.


You engage/love your community by serving both them and their children.

Your people are trained to conduct clubs and supplied with everything needed.

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